Thursday, June 30, 2011


Last week here in JB. Case study presentation done. Crosses done. Fulfillment of contact hour also done.

Final week is awesome! I like here very much though. All of my stress, hard worked, expenditures has been paid off.

I am very satisfied with my marks and my result of my case study. Thanx a lot to Sisters and friends. You guys have really helped me. Thats what friends for I guess.

Its been 2 months. How fast the time flies? Felt like just last week we arrived at JB. Oh, what a day!

Next week I will be in semester 5. Seems like I haven't enjoy enough in JB yet. Still loads more to go, loads more to be done.

Hopefully, I will come back again. Goodbye Johore! See you again. Soon. :')

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