Thursday, July 1, 2010

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Bismillah.. title of this post is untitled.. haha.. watda ?!

hm.. the story began when a baby girl, were born on the 2nd of July 1991..
her name was given by her mother.. she is the second daughter and child of the broken family..
she has brown hair, brown eyes, the skinniest and the fairest among her sisters..

she has many bad and not-sweet-enough-to-remember memories.. she always hate her life..
everyone kept telling her what to do.. until now, she cant depend on herself.. unable to decide by her own..
why? because she scared.. she scared that she will do something wrong again.. from childhood, she has been taught to pleased people, without thinking what makes her happy..

now, she's grown up.. she realized that she must be independent and not relying on anyone.. but her parents doesn't trust her.. when it comes to deciding, she must ask at least an opinion from her family or friends.. without them, she is helpless.. sometimes, she can't even think whats right and whats wrong..

she need somebody that always by her side.. she needs no special boyfriend.. with them, she always hurts and it is very painful to her.. maybe the time is not right.. or maybe she's thinking too much... sometimes she feels like a very heavy burdens are on her shoulder..

while she was at 15 years old, she has disturbance on her mind.. she is very depressed.. depressed of what? of her broken family.. why? I am afraid I cannot tell here.. but, everything has changed when she moved to her grandma's house.. she learned a lot there..

years passed by.. now, she is still searching for her life.. she feels empty.. in her mind, no one cares about her.. everyone need her just to pleased them.. did they think what she might feels? did they consider what she has been through? did ever they asked her about her problems that she faced every second?

conclusion is.. this is a piece of a girl named wafa shahirah's life.. her friends thought she is strong, unafraid of anything, brave, n mostly, happy go lucky.. the truth is.. she never happy with her life.. only Allah knows whats inside her heart.. only He can guide her to success in life..

someone said to her :-
"every challenges or problems that you have faced, it made you stronger and matured in your life"

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