Tuesday, June 29, 2010

all i need is time

this semester break, I have a lots of things to do.. I miss my home n my family of course..
For the first one week, I have spend my time with them.. In other words, i have a great time and enjoyed every second..

fist thing came to my mind about holiday is meeting Him and He.. I haven't seen them for such a long time.. Ya Allah, I miss them so much.. But in my mind, I always thought that I can see them while I am having long break..

Now, my holiday is almost over.. Still I cannot find the right time.. I felt like 'you are stupid wafa!'
I want to see them badly.. Him, I miss you! He, I never had a chance to meet you..

Why? Why all this matters always haunting me? Why? Every second of my life always about this.. Why can't I find the right time? Why always me?

Ya Allah, if this is a part of my challenge that I have to faced, please make me stronger..

Everyone can have their happiness.. Why can't I ?

I should never question this.. but, I have to expressed my feelings..

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