Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Salam lovers and haters.

Currently, my dear lappy is broken. So I have difficulties for updating my blog. Anyway, what I want to tell in this entry is, about my life. Noob huh? Well, its a fact.

Now I have a perfect life. I have my mama, Kaklong, my beloved friends, and my bros and sis.
I don't need boyfriend. I just don't want to give commitment right now and I don't have time to keep thinking about that.

Actually, I enjoy being single. I can hang out with my friends anytime I want to, do crazy things, say crazy words, act like noobs. People just don't believe me. Saying things and accuse me to have scandal with her admires. Why? Just because I have the looks? Stop talking shit lah. You guys are jealous because I can easily make friends and saying out loud.

There must be at least a reason why I don't want to have boyfriend. Its because I am trying to be fit. Fit for a title 'wife'. I have to improve myself in many ways.  First of all, I am looking for husband that can guide me to Jannah, guide me in here and after life. InsyaAllah. To have a good husband is to be a good muslimah right? Then, I have to be like one.

Thats all I can say. Thank you for reading.

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