Tuesday, August 31, 2010

and here comes the sorrow~

now, almost the same with the previous post.. 
everywhere i go, everywhere i do.. 
always remind me of him... please stop it ! i cant take it anymore..

yes, its true that i had loads of fun here with my friends.. 
they always have their crazy activities.. plus i have my own mission here to complete within 4 days.. 
this whole week we have exams.. i have to focus on the subjects, at the same time doing nonsense thing..

yes, its true that i miss him a lot ! 
as far  i can see, we rarely contact each other.. 
only few messages per day.. 
i know, he is very busy right now.. hmm.. still.. 

huh.. sighing  each and every time i remembered him.. enough is enough.

stinky foot note : wish he can read my blog and understand what am i feeling right now..

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leeyamoi said...

baby..! b strong k. ^^