Monday, June 21, 2010

best day of my life

Alhamdulillah, my case study is lulus.. bahagia nyee!

time madam ckp sy lulus, de satu feeling yg lega sgt2..
pnat lelah slame ni, worth sgt2,,
my case study is like my 'anak' already..
wherever i go, he always be with me,,
his name is coronary artery disease

 this is some of my 'anak'

my case study consists of:-
6 tins of nescafe
5 days of 'unsleep'
2 days of ponteng keje.. haha
2 months of hardwork!!

hahaha.. then, on d 15th may, my anak has born..
he has 150 pages.. d bidan was printer canon 35000......
n d cost is approximately rm50..

hahaha.. its worth with all this effort..
last day at ipoh, enjoy abes2an!!!!
g rayau2, on9 24 jam..
huhu.. bahagia mngalahkn pengantin..

 so, kpade kawan2 yg menyaport sy, thanx alot!!
korang je yg paham condition aku cene time wat case study nih..
hahaha.. juniors, gudluck!!

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