Tuesday, June 1, 2010

another thang~

dis saturday supposed to be public holiday.. but we were shocked that we didnt get holiday on that day.. hello, its agong's bufday!!

huh.. let it be.. so dis week, i got saturday off.. dunno whether want to go back to kl or not..
miss my mama!!

if i go back to kl dis week:
  • get to meet mama n maklang (n de gang)
  • can print out my case study book
  • can meet amirah hanisah (my syg)
  • outing2 with cousins n sistas
  • release tension
  • must save money
  • waste of energy
  • ETA (estimated time arrival) around 10 pm
  • have to book ticket early (school holiday purpose)
if i dont go back:
  • can finish my case study slide faster
  • hibernate all day :D
  • save money
  • save energy
  • if go back next week, mama has to start her night class
  • no chance of outing2
  • will got super duper hypertension

which one?? im confused! should or shouldnt i? :(

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