Monday, May 17, 2010

a story of an apple

there is 1 apple, hanging freely on top of d tree.. it is a very beautiful n tasty apple.. once people look at it, he wants to own it.. unfortunately, d apple is very high, on top of the tree.. if he wants it, he has to climb up and pick the irresistible apple..

one day, a very simple person came.. he sat under the tree.. suddenly he saw an apple.. he couldn't resist it.. so he used all his effort to climb up to get the apple.. once he got it, he took a very good care of the apple.. he doesn't want anyone to touch, or even look at it..

they have been 2 years since he got the apple.. later, the apple is not in a good condition.. it always been hurt by him.. then, the apple disappear.. the apple is not an ordinary apple.. it has feelings too.. it felt very sad while being with him..

since that, the apple wait for another man to get it.. its wishes came true.. a man came.. the apple likes the man..unfortunately, the man just sit at the tree.. he only admires the apple.. and he climb down.. the apple is very sad, it thought that the man will pick it.. but no.. the apple is madly love the man.. but the man shows no interest at the apple..

after a while, another guy came.. he saw the apple, and falls for it.. he pick the apple so easily.. at first, the apple surprised that someone like him pick it so easily.. at last, they were live happily..

deep in the apple's heart, it felt very sad and disappointed.. it has broke many peoples' heart, people who wants it very badly..

the conclusion is, how can i satisfied everyone's heart.. i am only an innocent apple, searching for the right guy to came.. pick me with all of his effort.. please, love me for who i am, not my look or money.. so, i am an apple, who is waiting for the right guy to come..

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syazwanshahdan said...

haha.. not bad apple..